Maria Cristina Dos Inocentes

Maria Cristina Dos Inocentes is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Beja, Portugal





I'm very welcome and proud to be here and be able to may help people all around the world to feel better.

As I am from Portugal it seems difficult but this is so amazing we can work thru skype or if you dont use skype I have a program that allow me to do the work. I work in portuguese, spanish and english and is possible also in french but need to train it a bit. I work with people all around the world from Australia to south america and love what I do. 

I started with some portuguese certificacions but needed more because I felt the need of more and I found it out on GoE. I'm also work are a Reiki Master and I'm finnishing my master degree in clinical psychology.


Fell free to add me on faebook and ask me your questions or what you want to know more about me, this is my first draft so I may forgot something.

Just smile and be happy


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